Jacyn Norfleet

"A teacher. A mentor. A friend. A very necessary ally. Someone who changed my mindset in this industry. Who showed me so many ways to achieve success in the field I wanted to be in for so long but didn't quite know how. Someone who goes way above and beyond what is asked. The teachings aren't just what it looks like, she will get to the root of your problem and lay down multiple ways of figuring it all out, and lay groundwork for your success. Even when you're not in the moment of a zoom call she will still be working for you behind the scene. If you need or want something and she doesn't have it, she has someone who has it or has direct access to it and will plug you in. The industry is about who you know and she knows everybody and anybody who can help you. She stepped outside the norm of this industry and offered to help those trying to break in rather than taking advantage of them. If you ever meet Charyn Harris, do yourself the favor and attend her mentoring programs. It'll change your life."

Heidi Jauregui

"If it wasn’t for Charyn Harris, I would not be where I am today. Her advocacy and persistent belief in my potential created a bridge of endless possibilities that afforded me not only a music education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, but a foundation; one that has propelled and given me the confidence to build my own community and prepare me for a lifetime of success. After 10 years, I am still so honored to call Charyn my mentor."

Michelle Zalabak

"Charyn Harris guided me as a young professional, helping me hone and develop my managerial skills in a creative field. She not only has a thorough knowledge of and connections in the entertainment industry but also is a creative powerhouse herself. She coached me through major event and concert planning, album creation, development, and release, and even helped me when I applied to graduate schools. I always felt fully supported by her and felt that I could approach her with any question. Charyn is an astute businesswoman who will bring out the true potential in anyone!"

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